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The Black Mirror of Law

Donnerstag, 10.09.2020

New Seminar: Reflecting the science fiction series 'Black Mirror' from a legal perspective

Prof. I. Eisenberger / Prof. Bezemek

In the seminar ‘The Black Mirror of Law (Thinking about Law and Technology through Science Fiction)’ we analyze the dystopian / utopian scenarios portrayed in the science fiction series ‘Black Mirror’ from a legal perspective.

Some of the questions we focus on are:

  • Would the enacted utopias or dystopias be possible within our current human rights framework?
  • How are questions of law and legality addressed in the episodes and how are they negotiated between different actors?
  • What can we learn for potential regulation from Science Fiction?

The seminar is limited to 18 participants, registration will be open on September 14, 2020 via Uni Graz Online (LV Nr. 216.999)


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