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Symposium Unpacking Global Governance

Monday, 06 December 2021

On December 16, 2021, the Department of Global Governance will hold a symposium with the title "Unpacking Global Governance - Dimensions of Law and Politics in Context."

The department of Global Governance was founded at the Institute of the Foundations of Law of the University of Graz at the end of 2020, pooling expertise on law and social sciences.

Bearing the title "Unpacking Global Governance: Dimensions of Law and Politics in Context", the Founding Symposium of the department aims to highlight the phenomena of federal or multilevel system-building in law, politics and culture along the fault lines of state-centric approaches.

Panels will engage with the concept of ‘global governance’ from three perspectives:

  • human rights and migration
  • peacebuilding in light of identity and religion
  • trends of legal governance and legitimacy-building in regional integration

The Symposium further aims to transcend national boundaries debating notions of justice in the context of global health and digitalization.

The event will be held in a hybrid format. To participate, please register here.

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