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Events and Public Performance

OSCE New set of HCNM Recommendations on "Access to Justice and National Minorities"


OSCE Workshop on May 26th 2017 at the banqueting hall of the Meescheinschloss


 In 2016 the OSCE HCNM (High Commissioner on National Minorities) initiated a process to draft a new set of thematic Guidelines on the Topic of "National Minorities and Access to Justice".

 In autumn 2016 the HCNM selected an external consultant to prepare an initial draft version of the Guidelines and held preliminary consultations on the draft text with colleagues from the OSCE ODIHR.

 Next step was to involve a selected group of high-skilled specialists with recognized experience and knowledge into the process of setting up Guidelines on "National Minorities and Access to Justice".

 Prof. Joseph Marko was one of the team of specialists who was invited by the HCNM to work on the new set of Guidelines.

 So the HCNM started the process by organizing a round of face-to-face consultations on March 15th, 2017 in The Hague.

 For the second round of consultations Prof. Marko invited the OSCE HCNM to our University and the workshop took place on May 26th, 2017 at the Meerscheinschlössl in Graz.


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